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episode 43&44
(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 43
A Story Written By Bright Daniel
Kingsley came back to Nigeria trying to reach Linda on phone but her number was switched off. So he decided to go to their house.
Meanwhile, Linda had gone to Vivian’s house for a tremendous reason known to her alone. They were in her room, on the bed operating the same laptop but Linda wasn’t active enough. So Vivian closed the laptop and asked, “Babe, you don’t look bright. At least you should be happy that Kingsley is back”
“I don’t want to see him or even hear his voice. That’s why i put my phone off”
“But why?”
“I’m so ashame”
“Of what?” Vivian sat properly looking at her while she remained silent with her face down. “Talk to me, what is going on?” she added.
“Vivian?” Linda called and raised her face in tears which surprised Vivian. “I.. i.. i am pregnant” she said.
“You are what?!”
“I swear is never my intention. I don’t know how it happened..”
“Oh, God! And who is responsible?”
“Sam is responsible but has denied it”
“Jeez!” Vivian exclaimed in amazement.
“You are the only person that knows about this” Linda continued in tears. “I dont even know how Tochi will feel about it and my parents too. Please, promise me you won’t tell anybody”
“But they must know!”
“I know, but not now! Please, i beg you”
Vivian stared at her for a while and gave her a hug.
Mrs Mbakwe had a grey hair all over her head. She was a bit older that before and Jennifer had been attending to her as the only mother she had. She had also been meaning to tell her about her misfortune to get a boyfriend talk less a suitor but she didn’t know how to bring up the topic. She came out from the house where her mother was peeling cassava outside. She wore a jean trouser looking beautiful on her parked natural hair.
“Mama, i want to see Calista for her wedding preparation” she said with a low voice.
“Okay my daughter” she replied then Jennifer walked out as she stared at her.
Calista’s house was a bungalow with staircase before it. Jennifer greeted Mr and Mrs Jacob who were outside then entered into the house to finally meet Calista in her room. She could see different shiny clothes on the bed and other wedding materials.
“Thank God you came on time” Calista told her.
“Yeah, i promised you that nah” she replied and sat on the bed. Calista wore several clothes and asked her how they looked on her which she also replied positively.
“Are you aware that Esther is getting married this month too?” Calista broke the fun.
“Which Esther?”
“Esther nah, Esther Godwin”
“Oh, i know. She’s getting married to Chester”
“Yes, isn’t it wonderful?”
“It is” Jennifer became sad with her face down. When Calista noticed it, she dropped the clothes in her hand and went to her instantly.
“Why are you sad again? I have told you is turn by turn. Your man will surely come”
“But when?” Jennifer raised her head in tears. “When do you think that will happen when i barely have a boyfriend talk less the one that will propose to me. Calista, what have i done? Why is my own life different from others? Please, tell me. Must i continue like this and suffer emotionally?” she cried then Calista embraced her again.
“I have an idea” she said and looked into her eyes. “I know how weird this will sound but don’t you think the problem is spiritual?”
“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked disdainfully.
“Jennifer, you and i know that your mother involves in this love diabolical stuff. Don’t you think is affecting you spiritually too?”
Jennifer stared at her speechless because she had never thought of that.
Calista continued, “I think you need salvation, deliverance or whatever! You need to see a pastor. Think about it my dear friend” she concluded, yet Jennifer remained speechless staring at her.
Mr Goodness, Edwin’s father was about to go out when he met a beautiful chocolate girl outside his compound. He dressed like someone who works in an office, and of course he was working as a cleck in a company. So, since he had never seen the girl’s face before he asked, “Who are you?”
“Good evening, sir” the girl greeted with all humility and respect smiling too. “My name is Melody Smith. I’m a friend of Edwin, your son”
“Okay, he’s inside” “Edwin!” he shouted. “You have a visitor” he added and went out….
Kingsley stood before Mr and Mrs Thompson, Linda’s parents in front of their house. He wore a white canvas and a jean trouser with golden necklace round his neck. He was a complete resemblance of a foreigner. He had introduced himself and asked about Linda. Just before the parents replied, Linda stepped in and behaved as if she didn’t know who Kingsley is. The mother looked into her eyes and examined her body suspiciously.
“Linda, you look pail. Are you okay?” she asked.
“I’m fine, Mummy” she replied with a hand on her neck.
“You don’t look okay to me. Well, your friend from abroad has come to see you”
Linda glanced at Kingsley and greeted with a low voice. Just then, she covered her mouth with a hand and ran out to vomit…

Episode 44
A Story Written By Bright Daniel
All attention went to Linda as she bent at a distance vomiting with a hand on her waist.
“Bia, woman, what’s wrong with your daughter?” Mr Thompson turned to his wife.
“I said it oh” the wife murmured moving towards her daughter.
Meanwhile, Kingsley stood at a spot watching the whole drama. First, he thought of why Linda didn’t show any sign of happiness when she saw him and why she suddenly began to vomit in his presence. Then he turned to Mr Thompson.
“Papa, is she not feeling fine?” he asked.
“My son, we have never heard anything like that. We are all witnessing it now” he replied and both concentrated on Linda and her mother who were arguing at a distance.
“Linda, what is wrong with you?” the mother asked looking at her suspiciously.
“Mama, nothing oh” she replied still with her hand round her neck.
“But you are vomiting”
“Is just a little..”
“A little what, Linda?! I can see it written all over you, even in your eyes. Or have you forgotten that i am a woman?”
“Mummy, what are you talking about nah?”
“Can you swear that you are not pregnant?” the mother asked staring at her while she kept quiet feeling her eyes wet with tears.
Hearing the word, ‘pregnancy’ Mr Thompson turned his head and asked, “Pre-gini?! My daughter pregnant?!” he stood up.
However, Kingsley was disappointed. He could see Linda sometimes glanced at him in tears. It was obvious that she couldn’t deny the fact that she was pregnant. Then he shook his head piteously, wore his pair of eyeglasses and went away.
“So you are pregnant, abi?” Mrs Thompson was still in quisitive.
When Linda saw her father coming angrily, she ran inside the house, in her room crying with the door locked.
As Jennifer finally agreed to see a pastor with Calista, so as Kingsley entered into their house looking disappointed and angrily. He sling his phone and clothes and laid on the bed staring at the ceiling. “I can’t believe Linda could do this to me” he thought. “So, she has been cheating on me all these while. No wonder she always sounded strange on the phone anytime i called her. Linda, why?” he concluded bitterly then picked up his phone to call Tochi. wedding guest gowns for petites
“Good evening, Kingsley?” Tochi greeted on the phone.
“Why didn’t you disclose to me that Linda had no interest in me?” Kingsley asked.
“Excuse me?”
“Why didn’t you tell me that Linda is pregnant?”
“What are you talking about? Is Linda pregnant?”
“I should be the one asking you. She’s your best friend. How can you, of all people keep that away from me?” he concluded and cut the call.
“I can’t believe what you are saying.. Hello..” the line had went dead already then Tochi called Vivian who told her everything.
Still on the same day, Jennifer dressed like a virgin Mary with a bible in her hands. The mother who saw her going out asked, “Jennifer, where are you going to?”
“Mama, I’m going to see a Pastor” she replied.
“For what?”
“For prayers. Or is there anything wrong with that?”
“No my daughter, I’m only surprise because..” she paused.
“Mama, i need to be going” Jennifer continued, but she turned back again and called her mother’s attention. “Mama, by the way, why don’t you go to church? I mean i have never seen you in a church before” she said.
“Why can’t you go to your pastor and stop asking me questions. Who told you i dont go to church?”
Jennifer remained quiet and gently turned moving faster than before. She met Calista in their house then they went together looking like twins.
That same evening, Linda had refused to opened the door for her parents who shouted and banged the door severely.
Tochi entered still in her show-back and short skirt, she met only the mother because the father got tired and went out promising to come back with fire!
“Good evening, Mama” Tochi greeted. “Where is Linda?” she asked.
“She is in her room which she has refused to open. She has brought shame to this family!”
Tochi gently knocked at the door and called her name severally begging her to open. When Linda heard her voice, she cried the more refusing to stand from the bed.
“Please, open up. Is me Tochi oh. Or don’t you want to see me again. Please, i beg you for our friendship, open the door” Tochi pleaded. Just as she waited for a response, the door cracked opened…
There was an evening prayer going on in the church that evening which Calista and Jennifer joined. After the prayer, they met the pastor privately and explained things to him. Then another prayer held inside the office after which the pastor said, “Sister Jennifer, your mother does love charm to young men, right?”
Jennifer looked at Calista surprisingly and said, “Yes, pastor”
“Not only that, she uses some of her powers to oppress others”
“I dont really know about that, pastor. The only thing i know is the love charm”
“Yes, she does and the people affected laid a curse on you, never to have a man that you can call your own” the pastor concluded then they looked at each other surprisingly..
To Be Continued