two piece short formal dresses


The African-American culture, also known as Black-American culture, refers to the cultural contributions of African Americans to the culture of the United States, either as part of or distinct from mainstream American culture. However our culture has come down to include bootys. In the 18 century black men of course were slaves were attracted to breasts and the Black women knew it so the breasts body parts were the zone that mattered the most to Black men and women at that time in life. After all nothing could be more unattractive than a burlap dress hanging for comfort without breasts showing. The observation of the woman's butt was somewhat left to the imagination until the 1960s when women of all races started wearing tight and hot pants. two piece short formal dresses

White men were stuck in the last centuries on breast and are still stuck on breast but the Black man has evolved from breasts to bootys. The tighter the clothes got the more obsessive he gets. As if a big booty woman graduates from the top of her school class with benefits. It's the age of the booty! Everyone's got a behind, or getting one made in all shapes and sizes. A woman's butt can reveal a lot about them, including some of their most prevalent personality traits. But is it more of an indication of a woman is socially out of control with eating and sex. A big butt is a sign of fertility in Africa when they are young and a wheel chair in America when they get older.

Black men will cash their checks for a big booty. But I have never seen one in a corporate board room, come out of the White House, put food on the table, or put children through school. Over-reaching Big bootys are a sign of low IQs and men who urge big booty women along have low IQs as well. There are many naturally controlled butts and then there are out of controlled butts that usually comes with other uncontrollable social issues.
The social issues are not necessarily with the women alone, but with the men who will tear up a good home because the green grass on the other side has a mountain rather than a mole hill. It is simply booty on the brain.
Many can say Oprah has a big booty...true, but it is an academically and financially sound booty that is not busting out of the clothes and coming out of the club.