strapless short prom gown

if anyone has an old prom dress that you’re not sure what to do with, y’all should donate it here !! if you’ve gotten your wear out of it, help someone else find the dress of their dreams & feel just as beautiful in it as you did !

His Princess February 2 at 12:55am ·

I have the coolest story ever!


I had a young beautiful girl come tonight for an appointment. She drove nearly an hour to find her perfect dress. She had been in the boutique looking for about 5-7 minutes and I heard my doorbell. I ran upstairs and one of Kensey’s classmates from high school is standing there with 2 dresses—I asked her to come down and see the Boutique — I started unwrapping the dresses and the princess looks at the dress and says- oh that’s gorgeous- I have to try it on— and you guessed it— it was THE DRESS. strapless short prom gown ❤️ . The Lord’s timing is always perfect. Always. He is the God of Provision. He cares about the details of our life- Big and Small— and Mercy did she look BEAUTIFUL. ❤️

I told Kensey’s classmate— girl you just took part in a divine appointment. ❤️