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Mrs. Gauthier, our typing teacher, used to give us "inspirational poems" to type, and one of them which I never could forget is quoted here by Martin Luther King, no less! "Be the Best of Whatever You Are". And in so doing she exemplified the meaning of the poem and his message here.
She was the best typing teacher, recognizing that in the word is power, and if the power of your job includes the handling of the word, make sure you hand over the best, most inspirational words the world has to offer.
That's how I've always tried to do my jobs too... while I might be getting paid for a particular task, I focussed on the magic behind the task that could happen, and it truly made my life magic.
While teaching kids math, a particular skill set, my larger energetic focus was on loving them.
While being a hospital cleaning inspector, the days that I remembered to meditate first, lighting a simple candle in my rose quartz holder in the morning, covering my heart centre with my hands, and sincerely praying to be used that day to bless others, I would be hooked up in the most miraculous of ways.
I'll never forget the one time I was eating my lunch outside the hospital on a bench, sunny spring day, I started chatting with the lady next to me, asking where she was going, and as I was wearing a turban, she suddenly turned to me with tears in her eyes and asked me to pray for her sister's baby, born early, life hanging in the balance. She was a Sikh. Later that day as I was inspecting the NICU, I saw a lady nursing the tiniest, most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen behind a screen... long, delicate, angelic could truly feel the presence of an angel in her. And the mother looked up at me and said, "Could you please pray for my baby? She's born too early, they're not sure she's going to live." The beauty of the little girl had me absolutely stunned. With tears in my eyes, I said, "I've already been praying for your baby all day." one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding
To make things even stranger, she said, "Weren't you at my wedding at Yoga West?" And indeed, I remembered the day... I had gone in to serve at the gurdwara in the morning, and there was this wedding after... Guru Raj Kaur had said it was a bit awkward, a white man and a Sikh woman, and they didn't have much community... so I stayed, and performed whatever needed doing... passing out song sheets, or prashad, or whatever, and I remember my spirit being bright that day, and that though I wasn't dressed for the occasion I remember my spirit brightening the event... so unbelievable, all these synchronicities!
But to top it off, two years later or so, my son Kane came home from the beach, and said he had met a white man and a Sikh women who thought they knew me from Yoga West. They had a baby with them. Wow!

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"Don't allow anybody to make you feel like you are nobody."

- Martin Luther King, Jr.