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? PART 79 ?
Alessandro's POV
With my eyes still closed, I touched the other
side of the bed. I felt the sudden gush of
disappointment when I found myself alone
on the bed.
Where is she?
I was instantly wide awake. I reached for my
watch on the bedside table, it was a quarter
past six.
I sat up and leaned my back against the
wooden headboard. The view outside of
sparkling crystal clear blue water and
matching bright sky was very stunning. The
sun started to rise, radiating soothing lights.
I've been here once before but I was not
appreciative of its beauty. I was here for the
sake of visiting the place-- checking the bars,
having a good time drinking and partying with
the locals every night. When I was due to
leave, I got so sick - combination of
hangover, chills and diarrhea.
Looking at it right now, I realized how
stunning it was, like no other. No wonder it
was Lisa's number one in her bucket list.
Lisa must be in the kitchen. I yawned and
stretched my arms higher. I could lift my
arms up now without feeling any back pain.
The wound healed nicely though.
The side of my lips twisted as I thought of
the incident two months ago. It was fortunate
that the knife did not hit my heart, or else I'd
be a rotten cold meat surrounded by worms
six feet under the ground right now.
Lisa was still very emotional whenever we
talked about it. She could not bear the
thought of losing me. I would too, and would
feel so much more, terribly, if it happened
the other way. It was like the end of
I was asleep for two days in the hospital and
the moment I opened my eyes, I saw Lisa.
She was there taking care of me. After a
week, I was discharged in the hospital. I lost
a huge amount of blood and the urgent blood
transfusion from Uncle Eros and Zion saved
my life. Having my girl, Lisa with me all the
time was a great help in my steadfast
Where is she? I miss her already.
I stood up and went to the bathroom, staring
at myself in the mirror. I took my clothes off
and went to shower. My thoughts were full of
Lisa and the incidents during our wedding.
The wedding ceremony was held at the same
church where Lisa's parents got married. It
was a beautiful small church on top of a
hill. Inside was decorated with light pink
roses, candles, gold ribbons and laces.
The moment the church door opened and I
saw Lisa walking in the aisle with her dad, my
throat and lungs constricted. Again, I was
speechless. She looked so amazing, sweet
and lovely like an angel. Totally, I could not
take my eyes off her. All I could think was
how extremely lucky I was that we would be
together forever. She is truly the girl of my
I told myself not to cry when we said our
vows, but I could not help it. I learned from
Lisa not to run away from my emotions. I
have to show what I feel and not to be
embarrassed about it.
I remembered when the officiating priest,
Bob Hawkins said, 'I now pronounce you as
husband and wife' and I kissed Lisa right
away. Everyone laughed. Yeah, I could not
wait for him to say 'You may kiss the bride.'
The reception was full of fun and laughter. I
met Lisa's family circle and relatives, they
welcomed me wholeheartedly. The feeling of
having a big family in an instant was
"I love you, my wife... Mrs. Lisa Russo, with
all my heart, body and soul." I whispered to
her when we had our first dance as husband
and wife.
She smiled and giggled a little. "I love you
too, Sandro. I have to get used being called
Mrs. Russo from now on."
"You should." I chuckled. " You made me so
happy, Lisa. My life is complete now. I can't
wait to really get our lives started together." I light blue wedding dresses
kissed her knuckles and she responded by
touching my cheek.
"Me too. I'm so excited to spend the rest of
my life with you."
I was nervous as hell as the wedding day
was fast approaching. When the anticipated
day arrived, I could not believe that it was
actually happening. I was sweating so hard
and I wished it would stop. I was also hoping
that I would not embarrass myself in front
of everyone. The anxiety was killing me.
Thanks God, everything turned out great. Not
to be cheesy or anything, but it was the
happiest moment of my life.
Nonna was emotional. It was the first time
that she showed her vulnerability, she was
always a tough unaffectionate woman.
"Make sure to visit Italy right after your
honeymoon, okay?"
"Yes we will." I hugged her and caressed her
"I'm so happy Sandro. Finally, you're married
and you found a wonderful woman. Your
mamma and papĂ  would have been so proud
and happy for you." She wiped the tears on
her eyes.
I nodded, pressing my lips together. I did not
want to get too emotional anymore. I had a
lot of wishes, disappointments and regrets
already. Having my parents at my own
wedding was one of them. I missed them
terribly, especially my mom. But life must go
on. I found my happiness now with Lisa.
"You know what, I bumped at someone
wearing the same dress as mine outside the
bathroom." Nonna continued. The
disappointment on her face was so evident.
"Really?" Lisa looked around, trying to look
for a similar dress as nonna's
"I can't believe that someone is wearing the
same dress as mine. This is a personalised
dress." She grabbed the side of her dress.
I could not believe either. Nonna wanted to
stand out and grandma Nina Petrakis helped
her get a well-known fashion designer to
make her a personalised dress, with gems
and embroideries.
Later, when we were about to leave for
Maldives, we went to her to say goodbye.
"I found the woman wearing the same dress
as mine again." She informed us.
"Where?" I got curious who the woman was.
Nonna could actually sue the fashion
designer for creating a copy of her
personalised dress.
"The same spot, outside the bathroom."
"Did you talk to her?"
"I did. I asked her why she was wearing the
same dress as mine. Where she got it and if
we have the same designer."
"She was upset too and asked me the same
thing. Stupid woman." Nonna heaved a long
sigh, looking so furious.
"What?" I got so confused and so did Lisa.
I had Reno investigated the incident and
found out about the full-length mirror
outside the bathroom.
We had a flight to catch to Maldives right
after the wedding. We took a commercial
flight. We barely noticed the eighteen-hour
travel time since we were so engrossed with
each other. Non-stop talking about the
wedding, cuddling and kissing.
We arrived last night almost at midnight. Lisa
was so tired that she barely ate her dinner
and asked to sleep right away. I spent the
first hour staring at her, appreciating her
beauty and how extremely lucky I was to have
her as my wife.
Tomorrow. I'll make love to her and make it
very special. Something that she'll never
forget for the rest of her life.

To be continued