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I featured in an online parenting conference last night. That topic up there was what I spoke on. This is the compilation of some of the things I shared with people on that platform last night. For the benefits of those who were not there, you can read this. It will really be of help to us all as parents & parent-to-be. It is long but worth reading.
I will be speaking majorly on 'Sex Education for my child'.
Now, let's enjoy this ride of knowledge together.
Another way you can title it is *'Raising sexually pure children in a sexually damaged world'*
But before I go there, I want to quickly branch somewhere and share with us, 7 kind of push we must give to our children.
The first push every child gets is from God.
It is God that pushes a baby to a family.
Children are not product of sexual prowess.
They are favour from God.
God pushes the child to the father.. in his loins and down into his sperm.
The father pushes the baby into the mother during sexual intercourse at the point of ejaculation. The mother carries the baby for 9 months And another push happens. She pushes the baby out from her birth canal into the world. This is the last push many parents give their children. Once we push them into the world through birth, many of us abandon them and the wind of the world begins to push them here and there until they get lost in the world.
After pushing them into the world through delivery.
We now owe them the duty of giving them this 7 dimensional push.
1. Push them back to God. Let them.know God at their tender age.
2. Push them into their purpose. 'The purpose of life is to have a life of purpose'
3. Push them into Sexual Purity. And that's my focus tonight.
4. Push them into Academic Excellence.
5. Push them into Financial dominion
6. Push them into Marital Bliss
7. Push them into global relevancy.
Say with me loud and clear. 'My children shall be great' can I hear you say that loud and clear.
I want us to read a text together tonight in this conference and it is from the Bible. Let's see someone who raised sexually pure children in a sexually damaged world of their time.
Acts 21:8-9 is my text tonight.
"And the next day we that were of Paul's company departed, and came unto Caesarea: and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist, which was one of the seven; and abode with him.
9 And the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy."
Here we could see a man called Phillip. He had four girls. They were virgins and they were Prophetess
Sorry to bother you great people, I have an unction on me to tell us to be declaring some words of prayers into the lives of our children even as the teaching is going on
Say with me..None of my children shall be a prostitute.
I shall raise prophet & prophetess not prostitute!
Facts to know about this topic of 'Raising sexually pure children in a sexually damaged world':
✓ The world is sexually polluted. From music industry, to advertising agencies, to movie industry, sex is being paraded like a toy. Something anybody can play with at any time.
✓ Children are also sexual being. As small as you think they are, they have capacity for sexual feelings ,though not in a comprehensive way.
✓ So many sexually starved men and women are looking for children to use to satisfy their sexual urge and horniness
✓ The fastest way children learn about sex is through sight and seeing examples of adults doing it.
✓ No body can train your child sexually pure like you yourself.
✓ Childern can understand sex education no matter their age if we break it down to their levels
✓ Despite the sexual perversion in our world, it is still very possible to raise sexually pure children.
Say with me 'My children, you shall not be sexually polluted in Jesus name!' Pray it in your own religion way.
My Children, you shall not be sexually polluted in Jesus name.
Now let's talk about duties of parents in raising sexually pure children in a sexually damaged world.
1. Thou shall not make love in the presence of your children.
One of the major way children become sexually active and sexually curious is when they see their dad and mum making love in their presence. Some of us think they are still small. Once your child is 6 months old, never allow that child see you having sex with your spouse. He or she might not understand what you are doing, but definitely, he/she is seeing you.
As the child sees it every time, it will register in his/her brain, by the time he is one year , he can climb anybody and do what he sees you doing.
There was a case that was reported
A man and his wife will call their 7 year old daughter into their bedroom and ask her to be watching them as they are making love
And the man will say, see us ooo, this is how to have sex. As I am banging your mother now, that's how any man that wants to have sex with you should bang you ooo By age 15 that girl had already become a professional prostitute.
Please, don't say they are sleeping already. You can never tell Some children don't sleep deeply like that Once they hear the sound of your bed, they may be awake but pretend to be asleep.
The sexual 'ringing tone ' of your wife (the hummm, haaaa, whaaooo, yeah, yhoooo) can destroy children and infuse unholy appetite for sex into them
2. Thou shall not undress or dress up before your children, especially your opposite sex child. I wrote an article last year or two that went viral online titled ' HOME MADE SEX VIDEO'.I might post it here later for those who might not be able to read it then to read later after the class Mummy, stop wearing ordinary bra and pant in the presence of your children especially your son. Daddy, stop wearing ordinary boxers before your girl and your balls are dangling here and there like a church ball
Yes, your son might not sleep with you ma
Your daughter might not have sex with you, but you are arousing their sexual curiosity.
3. Thou shall not watch pornography or sexually saturated films before your children.
I advise couples strongly against watching​ pornography But some couples will say they can't do without watching it. Know this for sure, pornography will damage your marriage than you can imagine But incase you insist you can't but watch pornography, please limit it to you and your spouse. There are religions that will tell their followers that, nothing is bad in pornography. But as Christian, we frown at it. It is demonic and the spirit of lust can't be far from any one who is addicted to porn. Run from it. It destroys purity. Don't watch it at all, but if you say your religion allows it, please, never watch it before your children burgundy mermaid prom dress
4. Thou shall not fail to teach your children sex education. As daddies and mummies, we should be the first teacher for our children
Don't leave that teaching to their teachers or Sunday school teachers in church
√ Let them know their private parts and public parts
For girls, tell them , their private parts are their breasts and the vagina.
Call it its real name. Don't call it kokoro , kaikai, tolos , etc
Even if you call them nicknames, but let them know the real names of those sex organs first before knowing their Nick names
For boys, tell them, their private part is their penis
✓ Tell them, no body should touch them their. And that, they have the right to shout if anybody tries to touch them there.
✓ Don't let any body be calling them ,' my wife' my husband. , They are not married. Once any uncle is calling your daughter my wife and you don't stop him. Every husband has right to have sex with his 'wife'. Be wise!
Control what they watch on T.V or on phone.
Never allow them to be too free to watch just anything
Be careful, there are sex cartoon out there now
Not all cartoon are safe for your children
You can permanent the T.V in their room to cartoon station when you are not at home. But make sure the cartoon stations are not sex cartoon station..
5. Thou shall not fail to teach your children the pains that come with premarital sex. And the gains of sexual purity
6: Thou shall not fail to teach your children goldly dressing. Some children dress like harlots in training
7. Thou shall not fail to be close to your children. Let them be free with you to tell you anything, ask you anything. If you are a terror to your children now, their lifestyle will terrorise you in your old age.
8. Thou shall not fail to pray for your children daily: Prayer can save your children from sexual pollution. Pray for them. Let them have some sexual purity confessions they will be reading daily
9. Thou shall not Discuss sexual matters in the presence of your children
If you must do, use coded words you are very sure they can't decode
Don't use words like fuck, breast sucking, oral sex, anal sex, etc in the presence of your children
10..Thou shall not fail to discourage early dating for your children.
Early dating will push them into infatuation and lust and those are parents of premarital sex.
Read this short sex education you can teach your children
Daily confession by our children
✓ My body is the temple of God.
✓ I am prophet/Prophetess not a prostitute
✓ I shall not be raped.
✓ My private parts are covered with the blood of Jesus.
✓ I shall not watch bad film
✓ I am morally upright
✓ I am not a sex toy
✓ I am a boy/girl of honour
✓ I will not have sex till I am married
✓ I shall not commit abortion
✓ etc
I will like to stop here tonight.
I want to believe we have learnt one or two things from this interaction tonight.
Thanks for Listening. I appreciate you all.
May your children be great and godly.. May sexual perversion not be traceable to any of your children in Jesus name. It is well with you. All your children shall marry as virgins. They shall not be sexually polluted in Jesus name. Thanks and God bless you all.
Question: What can parents do concerning children that bath together, share the same room? Brother and sister
Answer: Once they are getting to age 5, let them.have their bath one by one
Once they are getting to teenage age, and physical sexual development is showing, they should not sleep in the same room
Naturally, if not for the pollution of this generation, siblings should not have sexual feelings towards each other even if they see each other's nakedness
But because this world is 99.9% close to the end, strange things are now happening and we must take preventive measure because curative measures might be too late and expensive.
Question: When is the right time to start dating Sir?
Answer: A child should cross the teenage age. (13-19) is not ideal for dating. 20 upward is advisable.
Question: Sir, parents that are not trained or not aware of all these 10 commadments, how or what will such parent want to teach his/her children???
Answer: Let's spread the message to them. We can teach others what w[truncated by WhatsApp]